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Seeking the Lost: Sheep

The first is about a sheep gone missing
The Shepherd led, but it wasn’t listening

As the Shepherd’s voice got further away
The sheep got distracted and went astray

Running and playing and eating its food
It was totally clueless until a cow moo’d

Meet The Author

Daniel Cramton

Daniel Cramton was born and raised in Northern California. In school, he always hated English, but seemed to have a knack for word nuances and communicating thoughts on paper. He placed in the top 2% on the Golden State Exam for written composition in High School, but never dreamed of being an author. In college, he pursued technology until God altered his course and he transferred to a Christian college where he met his wife, Anabel. God has been the glue that has held them together and He is their delight. They have two children, Ana’Lee and Malachi. While his kids were young, Daniel found it hard to find quality, Biblical based, Christian books. But it wasn’t until his wife kept sharing a comic book he had made for her valentine’s day gift that the idea of writing a children’s book took root.


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